Volume 2: Jogasaki Coast, Izu Peninsula, Japan

The Jogasaki Coast is one of the great hiking trails in Izu Peninsula due to the combination of the stunning ocean views and easy access from Tokyo. The hiking course runs from around 10km along the coast and it is an easy hike that is suitable for kids and beginners to enjoy. 

Volcanic Rock Formations

Jogasaki Coast is believed to have formed about 4000 years ago through the eruption of Mount Omuro. The volcanic lava flowed down into ocean where it got eroded by the waves, resulting in unique geological formations that make this one of the major attractions in this area.


The most popular attraction of the hiking trail is the Kadowaki Lighthouse. It’s a beautiful spot with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean from the observation deck on top.

Suspension Bridge

Just nearby from the lighthouse is the Kadowaki Suspension Bridge. It is a pedestrian bridge that spans a length of 48 meters across two cliffs and a height of 23 meters. We enjoyed fantastic views of the Jogasaki coast while getting a trill of being on top of the suspension bridge.

And with that, our Jogasaki coast blog comes to an end. We spent the entire day here and we got to experience the feeling of being in a really peaceful and special place.