Pow Kapow Visits Siloso Beach Sentosa.

Pow Kapow Visits Siloso Beach Sentosa.

Volume 1: Siloso Beach Sentosa, Singapore

It’s the eve of National Day in Singapore. School’s out and it’s time for some beach fun! We decided to go to Siloso Beach in Sentosa, where you can do a flying trapeze or fly 450-meter zip line across Sentosa. However we’re not thrill-seekers and prefer to stay grounded and enjoy the sea and relax.

To get to Siloso Beach, most people would take the Sentosa Express from Vivocity and alight at the Beach station. From there, they can either take a tram or walk towards Siloso Beach.For us, we decided to drive down and park near Sentosa Costa Sands Resort, which is the only spot in Sentosa that is free to park.

Sentosa Free Car Parking Area  

Now there are 2 ways to get to Siloso beach from the car park. The first / longer and “proper” way is to walk along Imbiah Walk towards Siloso Road. Once you arrive at Siloso Road, turn right and head towards Siloso Point Station. Siloso beach is just in front of it and you should definitely walk this way after sunsets.

The second / shorter and more “exciting” way is to walk along Imbiah Walk in the opposite direction towards Costa Sands Resorts. You’ll see a path on your right that says “NO ENTRY BUGGIES ONLY”

No Entry Buggies Only

If you choose to ignore the warning and decide to take this path, please lookout for buggies as they come through quite frequently. At the end of the path is Siloso Beach, and it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes walk to reach from the car park.

Buggies Only Road Path

The first thing you’ll see is a big outdoor playground for kids. It’s open to the public with ticketed entry. Walking pass it and along the Siloso Beach Walk, you’ll see a variety of attractions, shops and restaurants along the street.

Siloso Beach Playground

Siloso Beach Walk

The landscaping along the street really is really beautiful, so we decided to take some photos here. After this, it was all about the beach and having fun! The water over here is usually calm, the sand is soft and the beach is never too crowded.

Kids Swimwear  Photo Shoot at Siloso Beach

Kids Swimwear Photo Shoot at Siloso Beach

And with that, Powkapow’s first travel blog and lookbook comes to an end. All told, we spent around two hours here before sunset. While it felt a bit short, the beach was amazing and we got to experience the feeling of being abroad – leaving us all extremely relaxed and satisfied.